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Promoting Paid Family Leave Partners

New York State Paid Leave Coalition

The New York State Paid Leave Coalition is part of a multi-state consortium of 16 state coalitions and national policy and data experts working for paid sick days, family leave insurance and other policies that value families at work. The Coalition includes advocates working on behalf of women, children, the aged, labor business, restaurant workers, immigrants and public health advocates. For more than a decade, the Coalition has advocated for paid sick days and for family leave insurance policies in New York while also raising the level of public awareness and discourse around comprehensive work/life policies.

The New York State Paid Leave Coalition is a part of 16 partners in the Family Values at Work Consortium - a national consortium of state coalitions and policy experts fighting for paid time to care. For more information on the multi-state coalition’s efforts to advance paid leave across states, please visit Family Values at Work.

A Better Balance

A Better Balance is an expert legal advocacy organization fighting to give American workers the time and flexibility the need to care for their families. A Better Balance collaborates with advocates and policymakers around the country and in New York on a range of work/life supports. Currently, the legal advocacy team is advancing policies such as paid sick days, parity for part-time workers, paid family leave insurance, and ending discrimination based on family responsibilities.