Medicaid Coverage for Key IECMH Policies: Results of a Series of 50-State Surveys

Many states are working to strengthen supports for infants’ and young children’s mental health. A series of 50-state policy surveys have been conducted in recent years to examine states’ use of Medicaid as a key source of funding for early childhood mental health (ECMH) services. Each brief presents the results of a 50-state survey that gathered information from state administrators about Medicaid coverage and related policies concerning some of the following services for children from birth to age 6:  

  • Child social-emotional screening 
  • Parent depression screening in pediatric and family medicine settings 
  • Using the DC:0-5 or DC:0-3R diagnostic classification system 
  • Child-Specific Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation 
  • Parent-Child Dyadic Treatment 
  • IECMH-focused Group Parenting Programs 

Project Publications

For more information about the Medicaid surveys, please contact: 
Sheila Smith, PhD