District of Columbia

In 2017-18, NCCP worked with the District of Columbia’s Department of Human Services (DC DHS) to update the DC Family Resource Simulator and inform discussions about TANF eligibility policies. Beyond updating the simulator that NCCP previosuly developed for DC in 2008, the 2017 DC Family Resource Simulator also significantly expanded the modeling capabilities of the tool since the tool was last updated in 2015-2016. Additions introduced in the 2017 DC Family Resource Simulator included modeling nontraditional work schedules, parents with disabilities, DC’s court formula for child support determinations, WIC, SSI, reduced-price meal programs, and afterschool programs. The 2018 simulator also allowed users to model families with up to five children, families with infant children, and families with young parents.

  • Technical Manual: The District of Columbia Family Resource Simulator (PDF) 
    Manual, 2018
  • Updating basic needs budgets to incorporate the impact of nontraditional work, pre-K, and afterschool programs
    Poster, 2018
    National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics, Washington, DC
  • Low-income Families in the District of Columbia: Results from the Family Resource Simulator 
    Report, 2008