Supporting Children of Immigrants in an Era of Harsh Immigration Policy

In the United States, 5.1 million children are growing up with an undocumented parent. These children are important to the nation’s future, and in fact, about 80 percent are U.S. citizens. However, their development and well-being were put at risk from the pervasive climate of fear engendered by changes to the immigration enforcement system during the Trump administration. 

This research, conducted in 2018, examined key barriers to public benefits faced by low-income immigrant families in this enforcement context, and it provides strategies to mitigate these barriers.

This project was funded by the W.T. Grant Foundation

Approaches to Protect Children’s Access to Health and Human Services in an Era of Harsh Immigration Policy

Project Staff

Heather Koball, PhD, Senior Fellow 

Hirokazu Yoshikawa, PhD, New York University 

Ajay Chaudry, PhD, New York University

Sarah Rendón García, PhD Student, Harvard University 

Trenel Francis, PhD Student, New York University