Early Care and Education Teacher Well-being: Associations with Children’s Experience, Outcomes, and Workplace Conditions: A Research-to-Policy Brief

Learn about our Research Connections project. Identifying features of early care and education (ECE) settings that positively affect children’s early learning and development is a critical challenge for the field. Most research related to this challenge has focused on structural features of ECE quality, such as teacher-child ratios and teacher credentials, and on process quality, […]

Father Engagement in Early Childhood Programs

Learn about our Research Connections project. Research on father engagement in ECPs focuses on defining and measuring father engagement, examining fathers’ beliefs and barriers to engagement, father engagement for children with disabilities, child care decision-making by fathers, and interventions to engage fathers in early childhood programs (such as home visiting, Early Head Start, and Head […]

E-books and Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings

Learn about our Research Connections project. This resource list includes research on the effects of e-books on emergent literacy in early childhood settings from 2010 to the present. The focus of this resource list is on the use of e-books in early childhood settings, some of the literature reviews and syntheses below also include studies […]

Early Care and Education Workplace Conditions and Teacher Stress

Learn about our Research Connections project. This research-to-policy resource list compiles publications from 2010 to the present on early care and education workplace conditions and teacher stress. Much of the research focuses on teachers in center-based settings and preschools. There is little research examining this issue for home-based providers. Resources are grouped under the following […]

Science in Early Care and Education

Learn about our Research Connections project. This resource list identifies resources from 2010 to 2017 that highlight resources on science in early care and education under the following categories: 1) Policy resources, 2) Promising practices, 3) Professional development and teacher preparation. (author abstract) Read the full text here.

Early Childhood Career Pathways

Learn about our Research Connections project. States have begun to incorporate careers pathway programs into their workforce and professional development systems in order to strengthen and support the early childhood workforce. A career pathways approach offers career advancement through a progression of educational qualifications, training, and credentials that build on each other and are aligned […]

Preschool Inclusion: Key Findings from Research and Implications for Policy

Learn about our Research Connections project. An estimated 745,336 children age 3 to 5 have disabilities or developmental delays that entitle them to receive preschool special education services under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (U.S. Department of Education, 2015). Federal policy directs school districts to provide preschool special education services […]

Early Childhood Preservice Training on Promoting Social Emotional Development in Young Children: Research-to-Policy Resources

Learn about our Research Connections project. This Research-to-Policy Resource List focuses on research examining preservice early childhood teacher training to promote the social emotional development of young children. Research in this area is limited but includes survey research on early childhood teacher preparation programs with a focus on social emotional development content, descriptive studies of […]

Quality Improvement in Home-Based Child Care Settings: Research Resources to Inform Policy

Learn about our Research Connections project. This Topic of Interest provides a comprehensive list of research in the Research Connections collection that was published in 2005 or later addressing issues related to quality improvement specifically in home-based child care. The resources are grouped under the following headings: Overviews, Summaries, and Reviews of Quality Improvement Strategies […]

Interventions to Promote Young Children’s Self-regulation and Executive Function Skills in Early Childhood Settings

Learn about our Research Connections project. Self-regulation refers to the ability to control one’s emotions, behaviors, and cognitions. Self-regulation includes both emotional regulation skills (the ability to moderate emotions through cognitive and behavioral strategies) and executive function skills (which include working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility). These components of self-regulation work together and have […]