Two-Generation Policies for Young Children and Families in Deep Poverty

Nationally, one in ten children below age 9 lives in deep poverty (in families with incomes below fifty percent of the federal poverty line), with alarmingly higher percentages in several states. Young children in deep poverty are at high risk of poor health, developmental, and school outcomes. This project analyzes national-level and state-specific data to examine the well-being and life circumstances of young children in deep poverty, and policies and programs that can help reduce risk for these children. NCCP’s Early Childhood team engaged a group of state advocates and policy leaders in a series of conference calls to identify opportunities in states to advance two-generation policies that could benefit families in deep poverty with young children and planning for more intensive work in states. Work in NY led to the introduction of legislation to develop a two-generation pilot designed to integrate supports for children’s development with family economic and workforce development supports.

Funded by Alliance for Early Success

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