Pediatric Medical Homes: Laying the Foundation of a Promising Model of Care

Learn about our Project Thrive project. This is an excerpt from the full report. Introduction In recent years the nation’s health care system has accelerated the development and implementation of a new model of patient care – the medical home. States, insurers, health care delivery systems, and individual practices are increasingly exploring ways to leverage medical […]

State-level Indicators for Social-emotional Development: Building Better Systems

Learn about our Project Thrive project. This is an excerpt from the full report. Introduction Research repeatedly suggests that experiences and skills acquired early in life have a long lasting effect. Many interventions that promote social-emotional well-being and preventing mental health problems in children and their caregivers are clinically sound and cost effective. Social-emotional well-being […]

Who Are America’s Poor Children?: Examining Health Disparities Among Children in the United States

This is an excerpt from the full report. Introduction Good health goes a long way, as research suggests that poor health in childhood not only impedes early child development, but can also have lasting consequences on children’s future health and wellbeing. Although many would agree that a health is a fundamental right, children born into […]

Indicators for Social-emotional Development in Early Childhood: A Guide for Local Stakeholders

Learn about our Project Thrive project. Introduction Social-emotional development in young children encompasses how young children feel about themselves, how they behave and how they relate to people close to them, such as caregivers, teachers, and peers. Although infant and early childhood mental health are often used in the same way, the term social-emotional development […]