Practices for Promoting Young Children’s Learning in QRIS Standards

Learn about our Expanding Opportunities for Parent Engagement project. This is an excerpt from the full brief. Introduction Quality Rating Improvement Systems (QRIS) have emerged as a central strategy in states’ efforts to improve the quality of early care and education programs and the capacity of these programs to promote positive outcomes for children. Currently, […]

What Can CCDF Learn from the Research on Children’s Health and Safety in Child Care?

Learn about our Research Connections project. What’s Inside… This report examines research on health and safety components that lead to better care and healthier outcomes for children. We discuss research on key CCDF health and safety categories such as prevention and control of infectious disease, safe buildings and physical premises, and health and safety training, […]

Coaching and Quality Assistance in Quality Rating Improvement Systems: Approaches Used by TA Providers to Improve Quality in Early Care and Education Programs and Home-based Settings

This is an excerpt from the full report. Introduction Quality Rating Improvement Systems (QRISs) commonly offer on-site technical assistance (TA) and coaching to help early care and education settings achieve quality improvements and a higher QRIS rating. In surveys of administrators overseeing statewide QRISs, almost all states reported the use of on-site TA and coaching […]

Linking Home-Based Child Care And State-Funded Preschool: The Community Connections Preschool Program (Illinois Action for Children)

Introduction to the Community Connections Program Model The Community Connections preschool program (herein referred to as Community Connections) was developed to help prepare children in home-based child care for success in school and in life. It has three goals: (1) to make state prekindergarten classroom experiences available to children in home-based care, (2) to extend […]

Quality Stars NY: Field Test Evaluation Report

Background QUALITYstarsNY is New York State’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). The current QUALITYstarsNY standards were developed to apply to programs and providers under the regulation of one of New York’s public agencies – the State Office of Children and Family Services, the State Department of Education, or the New York City Department of […]

Putting the Pieces Together: New York Early Learning Program Data Systems

Learn about our Project Thrive project.  Across the country, states are recognizing the great value of coordinated data systems to inform and improve their early childhood policies and programs. Prepared for New York’s Early Childhood Advisory Council, this report represents a big first step toward creation of a coordinated early childhood data system for that […]

Features of Professional Development and On-site Assistance in Child Care Quality Rating Improvement Systems: A Survey of State-wide Systems

This is an excerpt from the full report. Quality Rating Improvement Systems (QRIS) are now operating state-wide in 18 states. An additional 13 states are implementing QRIS in selected regions or as pilot initiatives. While highly varied in their specific features, these systems all use a set of interrelated strategies that aim to raise the […]

A Guide to Understanding State Child Care Subsidy Programs Through Analysis of Public and Non-public Use Datasets

Learn about our Research Connections project. This is an excerpt from the full report. SECTION I: INTRODUCTION Purpose of the Guidebook This guide has been developed to assist researchers in using public and non-public use U.S. Census Bureau data as well as public and non-public use state administrative data—both separately and in combinations—to analyze state-specific […]